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U.S. Capitol
January 21, 2021
In The News

You can’t help but feel for Rep. Kathy Manning. Not even 48 hours after taking her oath of office as North Carolina’s new Sixth District representative, she was forced into what would be one of the more traumatic events of her life: the chaos that broke out in the Capitol Building as the proceedings began to confirm officially President-Elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

U.S. Capitol Building at Twighlight
January 21, 2021
Press Release

Whether through the 25th Amendment or impeachment, President Trump must be removed from office immediately. He has proven himself unfit to lead our nation.

Inauguration with Reps. Ross and Bourdeaux
January 20, 2021
Press Release

After four years of division, today our nation unites in a shared vision for the future. The historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is the beginning of a new era of strong, competent, compassionate, and diverse government.